Frequently Asked Questions - Floods

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Can I build in the 100-year flood area?

Yes, but contact the Building Department or if you are in a village that the County does inspections in, please contact the local authorities.

Can I build in the 500-year flood area?


Why do we have to go by FEMA requirements?

The government requires insurance for flood prone areas.

Why do I need flood insurance?

The government requires this in flood prone areas to keep insurance costs down to all citizens.

Why is the insurance so expensive?

Cost is set by the individual insurance companies depending on the amount of claims that are generated.

When was the last time it flooded in my area?

Check with the local authorities.

What is the height of the first floor?

The height of the first floor must be one (1) foot above the flood elevation.

How high do I have to build?

Depends on the flood elevation.

Can you have a basement in the flood plain?


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