Zoning Fees - C. Resolution #09-308, Effective 04/01/2009

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Residential Zoning Fees:

All zoning permits for single family homes, additions, remodels and basement finishes will be measured by the chart below.

Square Footage Fees
0-200 sq ft $35.00
200-400 sq ft $50.00
400-960 sq ft $100.00
960-above $250.00

All decks, accessory buildings and structures will be measured by the chart above but NOT to exceed $100.000.

Swimming Pools (in-ground):

$100.00 (plus 1% State Surcharge)


Swimming Pools (above-ground), Hot Tubs:

$50.00 (one inspection) (plus 1% State Surcharge)


Commercial/Industrial Zoning Fees:

Minimum $300.00 plus .10 sq ft

Tenant Finish:

$150.00 plus .10 sq ft


$150.00 per unit


$100.00 plus $1.00 per sq ft

Revisions (requiring new plot plan):


Reactivating Permit (dormant one year):

1/2 original fees

Rezoning/Non-commercial ("R-1", "F", "H"):



Re-zoning/Commercial (includes all other zones):



$650.00 plus $1.00 per lot



Variance/Non-commercial ("R-1", "F", "H"):


Variance/Commercial (includes all other zones):


Site Plan Review:


Sexual Oriented Business (SOB):

$250.00 (renew per year $125.00)

Zoning Codes:

$25.00 (includes Zoning Code A, Zoning Code B, Airport Zoning Code and Flood Damage Prevention Regulations)




Flood Program:
  • Development Permit (Flood) $100.00
  • Variance (Flood) $500.00
Mobile Homes:

Mobile home occupancy during single family construction $250 ($200.00 refund after mobile home is removed)

Sale Permit:

Garage/yard/basement, etc sale permit $5

Home Occupation/Bed and Breakfast:


Aquifer Protection/Wellhead Protection:


Construction Trailer :


Solid Waste: