Standard Conditions of Probation

These conditions apply to every probationer.

  1. I will keep all appointments with my Probation Officer, and meet with him or her as deemed necessary. I will not attend a probation meeting with knives or weapons of any kind.
  2. I will not leave the State of Ohio without the permission of the Court or my Probation Officer.
  3. I will comply with all my financial obligations, including all fines, costs and court-ordered restitution. I understand that my Community Control may be extended if my financial obligations are not met.
  4. I will not change my residence from the address listed above without permission of my Probation Officer.
  5. I will refrain from the commission of any criminal offense, including misdemeanor, felony and/or traffic offenses.
  6. I will notify my Probation Officer of any of the following within 24 hours:
    1. Change of telephone number or employment.
    2. Arrest, indictment or other initiation of criminal and/or traffic charges against me. This does not include a citation for a speeding ticket.
    3. Questioning by any law enforcement officer.
  7. I will work regularly at a lawful occupation and support all legal dependents, if any, to the best of my ability.
  8. I will not use, possess or distribute any illegal narcotics, drugs, controlled substances or device used to administer any such drugs.
  9. I will follow all instructions, verbal or written, given to me by my Probation Officer.
  10. I will submit to field sobriety tests, breathalyzer or other drug/alcohol testing if requested to do so by a law enforcement or probation officer.
  11. I will agree to sign a release of confidential information regarding any evaluation and/or treatment from any public or private agency, if requested to do so by my Probation Officer.
  12. I will not operate a motor vehicle without proof of financial responsibility and either a valid license or court privileges.
  13. I hereby consent to a search of my person, automobile or residence at any time.