WIA Activities/Eligibility


OhioMeansJobs Warren County provides core, intensive and training services to job seekers, as designated in the Workforce Investment Act.

For complete listing of services and eligibility information, the Workforce Investment Act and Regulations may be accessed at https://owcms.ohio.gov/etpo. Or call 513-695-1130 and ask to speak with a Customer Advocate.

Core Services

These include access to partner information, information on training programs, skills assessment, job placement and job search assistance, labor market information, initial eligibility determination, information on supportive services, employability skills, computer and budgeting classes and many more services.

Intensive Services

These services are for those who have gone through core services and are still unable to find employment. These may include specialized skill level assessments, in-depth interviewing and evaluation, development of an individual career plan, group counseling and case management and more.


For those who do not find employment that will lead to self-sufficiency after completion of core and intensive services, occupational training may be appropriate.