Warren County Solid Waste Management District

Teacher Partnerships

Warren County Solid Waste Management District is pleased to announce the creation of a Teacher Partnership Program. Teacher Partnerships are designed to help Suzanne and Partner Teachers meet Ohio Proficiency Test Learning Outcomes and inform students about Solid Waste issues.

Windows on Waste Image

Teachers with an interest in environmental issues are invited to consider becoming a partner with Suzanne. A teacher who chooses a partnership will have Suzanne visit the classroom on three or more occasions. If a teacher has already had three or more visits during the school year, no more need to be scheduled. Suzanne will supply partner teachers with Windows on Waste. Windows on Waste, or WOW, is an elementary, interdisciplinary, environmental issues.

Teachers who choose to become partners will be encouraged to present WOW lessons to their classes. Suzanne will be available to team-teach, provide supplies, and provide moral support if desired. Teachers are also encouraged to extend Suzanne's lessons beyond her visit. For example, teachers may follow up Suzanne's visit with a writing assignment, a thank you letter, inclusion of topics on a quiz or game of trivia, or any way teachers can devise. Occasionally partner teachers will be asked to fill out a simple and short evaluation form in order to help Suzanne with her Annual Report.

Partner teachers will have access to Shoebox Lessons. Shoebox lessons are boxes filled with everything needed to present a WOW lesson. Each lesson is correlated to State Proficiency Learning Outcomes.