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Electrical Information

April 1, 2023, Warren County Building and Inspection will no longer issue Approvals or Permits for Pole or Pedestal mounted cable television boosters or power supplies within our jurisdiction. Please work directly with the utility provider.

If a building permit is issued by Warren County, the permit will include the fees for electrical inspections as well.

If there is an installation of new electrical wiring, service change, trench, temporary pole, construction trailer, above ground swim pool, fire/storm/accidental damage, an electrical permit is needed.

Warren County issues electrical permits for the unincorporated areas of the County as well as the following municipalities:

  • Corwin
  • Lebanon
  • Maineville
  • Morrow
  • Pleasant Plain
  • South Lebanon
  • Waynesville

Temporary Wiring for Construction - per Section 305, National Electrical Code:

This section requires that:

  • Wires shall be properly fused
  • 15 or 20 ampere, 120V receptacle outlets used for construction shall be protected with a ground fault interrupted
  • All branch circuits originate from an approved distribution cabinet

The practice of connecting onto 60 ampere fuses in the temporary wiring for construction with a piece of 15 or 20 ampere wire and placing a receptacle on the other end is VERY dangerous and almost NO protection for the user of hand tools.

When the above condition is found by the Inspector, notice shall be given and upon re-inspection, if the condition has NOT been corrected, the temporary service shall be ordered removed by the Power Company.

Electrical Wiring for Swimming Pools - Sections 680-6(a)&(b); 680-10; 680-20-22; 680-25, National Electric Code:

These sections pertain to the bonding, lighting, receptacles, underground wiring and wet niche lighting.