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To the Warren County Commissioners and the Residents of Warren County Ohio:

As residents and officials of Warren County, Ohio, we recognize that we are privileged to live in a place that is rich in history, natural beauty and culture. Among the most treasured of our assets are the scenic rivers and streams, valleys, overlooks and natural features of our land. Working with the Warren County Commissioners, local residents and interested citizens and benefactors, we have been fortunate to acquire property for the development of a county park system that recognizes these assets and incorporates them into a balanced system of parks that provide active playfields and facilities for families, but also provide public access to the wondrous scenic rivers, streams, forests and other natural features of our County.

Over the past ten years, encouraged and supported by our County Commissioners, the Park Board has aggressively sought and acquired properties that would enable the development of new parks toward achieving these goals. While some new parks have been built out and are in active use, some of these properties were acquired with the understanding that it would take several years to acquire funding to develop them in to active operating parks. However, acquisition of the property was necessary to insure the availability of the property, even though development resources might not be available for years to come.

The attached inventory of park projects describes these projects and attempts to set forth and estimate what would be required to develop the properties to their full potential for public use and enjoyment. There are eighteen projects in all. Fourteen of them relate to property already owned by the Warren County Park District. The other four projects involve properties that have not yet been acquired, but with respect to which commitments have been made to pursue acquisition and development through grants, or other arrangements that are under serious study.

This inventory of park projects and development build-out requirements is the product of the internal work and efforts of the Warren County Park District Staff and the Warren County Park Commissioners. It is based on our own research and our experience in the development and build-out of our present parks. To do this we have not utilized a consulting firm or solicited construction estimates. Our purpose is to provide an overview and general cost estimates for the development of these projects to full potential. As the build-outs become possible, it will be necessary to refine and revise these estimates through actual cost estimates and utilization of a bidding process for each specific project, which will be done at the time and for the specific project location where the build-out is to be done.

We sincerely hope this effort will be helpful toward a full understanding and appreciation of the fruits of the efforts of the past, and the challenging tasks that lie ahead as we continue to work toward the full development of a Park District that is worthy of the quality of the natural resources of Warren County, Ohio.