Warren County Water & Sewer Department

Deposits for Renters

Applicants for water service or water and sanitary sewer service who are not owners of the property or are a builder/contractor for which service is requested shall be required to deposit a fee as determined by the County. Applicants will be required to provide a copy of their lease/rental agreement and provide proof of identification. Builders/contractors must pay a deposit for each lot at the time of tap fee application. Such charges are listed in Section VIII herein. All deposits shall be kept in a separate fund designated "Service Deposit". The amount of the deposit less any charges due for water and/or sanitary sewer service shall be refunded to the person whose name the account is in when service is terminated provided the amount is greater than $3.00. No refund less than $3.00 shall be made. No interest shall be paid on the deposit. Deposits are not transferable from one service address to another. Deposits can be paid by cash, check or money order.

It is the responsibility of the property/homeowner to make sure their tenants post the required deposit with our Department.

However, all applicants for water service, or water and sanitary sewer service in the County's South Lebanon billing district shall be required to deposit a fee as determined by South Lebanon.

Any applicants who have posted a deposit and desire to have their water, or water and sanitary sewer, and trash service be temporarily terminated while they are away for the winter (must be away at least a full 2-month billing cycle) will need to submit in writing a request to temporarily terminate their charges. They will also need to request that their deposit not be refunded or applied to the final bill and understand that their deposit will be retained by Warren County since they will be resuming service at a later date. When service is ready to be resumed, please contact our office at least 1 day in advance.