Warren County Clerk Of Courts

Information Concerning the Titling and Registering of Watercraft

A title is required for all powered boats 14 feet or longer and outboard motors of 10 or more horsepower.

The procedure for titling watercraft is the same as a motor vehicle. Watercraft manufactured on or after November 1, 1972 now require a 12-digit HIN in order to register your boat or renew your registration.

Personal Watercraft Require Certificate of Title

No person is permitted to sell or purchase a watercraft less than 14 feet in length with a 10 horsepower motor or greater without a certificate of title. Requiring a title is designed to help deter theft of these popular craft.

Personal watercraft, more commonly known by trade names such as Jet Ski and Wave Runner, bought or sold must be titled in order to be registered in Ohio. Individuals or dealerships who owned these boats prior to January 1, 2000, are not required to get the watercraft titled until they sell, mortgage or transfer ownership.

A title is not required for boats less than 14 feet in length such as canoes and kayaks.

Ohio Watercraft Title Fees
Watercraft Title $15.00, plus any applicable tax


Ohio Watercraft Registration Fees
Hand Powered
Canoes, kayaks, rowboats, inflatables and pedal boats $20.00
Powered by Sail or Motor
Canoes with Motor, other boats less then 16' long $33.00
Boats 16' long, but less than 26' long $48.00
Boats 26' long, but less than 40' long $63.00
Boats 40' long but less than 65' long $78.00
Boats 65' long and longer $93.00
Transfer Fee for Unexpired Registration
All boats $5.00

The fees you pay to register your boat are deposited in the Waterways Safety Fund, which is used to operate Ohio's boating program. All registration fees listed are valid for three (3) years.

For further information on registration of watercraft, you may contact the Ohio Division of Watercraft Boater Hotline at 1-877-4BOATER or on the web site at: http://watercraft.ohiodnr.gov/registration.

Also, feel free to stop by any of our Title Division offices and we will be happy to assist you.