Frequently Asked Questions - Inspections

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How soon can I have an inspection?

When the work is completely ready for inspection and a twenty-four (24) hour notice is given for such inspection. The approved set of drawings must also be on the job site.

What type of inspections are required?

Depending on the type of construction, you could have the following: footer, slab, crawl, rough building, rough electric, electric trench, insulation, fireplace, temporary pole, electrical service release, interior gas line, sump pump connection, ceiling, walls, final building, final electrical, fire suppression testing, final zoning.

What is the frost line for the area?

Thirty (30) inches below grade.

How deep is the trench for underground wiring?

Twenty-four (24) inches to the top of the cable. Twenty-six (26) inches to the bottom of the cable. Red electrical caution tape to be secured to side of trench twelve (12) inches above the wire.

How deep is the cable under asphalt/concrete (driveways, sidewalks)?

Twenty-four (24) inches. The cable shall be protected in pipe (PVC or rigid).

Can I get an electrical meter before a final?


What size footer for house, garage, pole barn, deck?

Depending on type and size of structure, footer sizes vary.

What are window sizes for bedrooms?

Minimum width: 20". Minimum height: 24". Sill height: 44" maximum above floor; 5.0 s.f. clear opening (main floor); 5.7 s.f. clear open (upper floor) and basement.

Do I need a vapor barrier in crawl? If so, size?

Yes. .006 polyethylene.

Does insulation have to be inspected? If so, when and where?

Yes, just before dry walling.