Frequently Asked Questions - Permits

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What application should I use?

Our office has one application that covers all permits.

What type of work needs a permit?

Permits are required for all new 1,2,3-family structures, additions, remodels, fire damages, decks, detached structures, electrical installations, swimming pools (in and above ground), fireplaces/wood burning stoves, demolitions, any structural changes, change of use, any commercial construction or use.  For structures over 200 sq. ft. contact your zoning inspector.

Do I need a permit for a swimming pool? Above ground? In Ground?

Yes. Above ground, you need electrical and zoning permits. In ground, you need building, electrical and zoning permits. You will need drawings showing the construction of the proposed pool and location of the fence.

Do I need a permit for a wood burning stove?

Yes. Present manufacturer's requirement for the particular stove you are considering installing.

Do I need a permit for a fireplace?

Yes. Show on drawings how the fireplace will be constructed.

What kind of drawings do I need for a garage, pole barn or deck?

1 set showing the wall section and floor plan.

What do I need for drawings?

For residential construction, you would need one (1) set of drawings consisting of a wall section and a floor plan.

For commercial construction, you would need three (3) sets of sealed drawings consisting of a wall section, floor plan, elevations, energy calculations, site plan, electrical/HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression/alarm, ADA requirements.

What do I need for zoning?

For property under County Zoning you would need a Plot Plan showing location (setbacks) of structure from all property lines as well as showing the location of any/or all streams/creeks on the property. For property located in townships or villages not under County Zoning, you would need Zoning Approval from the respective jurisdiction as well as a plot plan showing the location of the structure and any/or all streams/creeks on the property.

What do I need on my plot plan?

The plot plan needs to show the location of the proposed structure to meet the setback requirements set forth in the Zoning Code and all existing structures as well as any or all streams, creeks, ponds, etc.

What can I do while waiting for my permit?

Get the balance of the information that would be missing upon submission for a building permit. If you are planning to start construction right away, you can excavate all you want, but you cannot pour any concrete until the permit has been issued and a footer inspection has been made.

What are the fees for Residential, Commercial,and Zoning permits?
Why do I need a building permit?

To ensure that the structure meets all safety requirements of the local codes during construction through completion.

How long does it take to approve plans?

For residential, approximately two (2) weeks. For commercial, approximately three (3) to four (4) weeks. All applications are assigned a number as they come in; therefore, the plans/application are checked in numerical order.

Why do I need an electrical permit?

To meet the safety requirements of the local codes and for the protection of the property owner.

Do I need a permit for an agricultural structure?

If the zoning inspector has verified that the structure is being used in conjunction with the agricultural use of the land, there is no building permit only an electrical permit if electric is installed. Paperwork must be filed at the zoning office.

Do I need drawings for a sprinkler system, fire alarms, hoods?